Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We've Made it to Paita!! Our Suitcases Haven't!

Tuesday, July 11

Hello Blog readers!
Beds in Hotel, Very Comfortable!
We spent the morning in the hotel, sleeping late and taking the taxi back to the airport around noon. We were told that our suitcases should be available around that time. We went to the LATAM Lost Baggage desk to find them we told them that we needed to get the bags to go through customs but they insisted that they would be flown to Piura. The woman told us to continue our flight and the bags should be available when we get there. Guess what? They weren't there.

Last wagon to unload! Suitcases not there!

Once in Piura, we talked with another employee. Carlos works for LATAM and was willing to be a big help to us. He took the time and listened, made several calls and located our bags  in Orlando. He told us that they will be flown back to Lima and available on Thursday. We may have to fly back to Lima claim them. We'll know on Thursday.

Please pray that our bags are released from Lima on Thursday and flown into Paita. We don't want to fly back to Lima.


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  1. All will work out dear Debbie & Lisa! What a nice BIRTHDAY gift for you Debbie,,, :) Sounds like you have charmed those around you & they all trying to help you! AMAZING! :) ~ Janine