Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Meet Deb

Deb and her husband Michael became involved at St. Paul Parish in 1992 after hearing that the parish would be twinning with a parish in Guatemala, in partnership with the School Sisters of St. Francis (SSSF).  She was welcomed by  the pastoral associate, Len Grassmann, who had invited her to join them in this new venture. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with Len, the SSSF and St. Paul Parish. Deb has lead several trips to Guatemala, visiting an orphanage run by the SSSF called Guadalupe Homes in Santa Apolonia,  and working with different ministries at St. Paul's sister parish in Zone 18 in Guatemala City.

In 2013, the parish explored the idea of doing God's work at St. Clare School in Peru. Deb P. and Lisa B. went on their first trip to Paita, Peru that year.  Once again, Deb and Lisa will be traveling to Paita, Peru. This will be Deb's fifth trip to Peru and Lisa's second trip. They will be working with the SSSF at St. Clare School by providing Berkey water purification systems to 50 families.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet Lisa

Lisa, a mental health nurse and active Catholic, visited Santa Clara school in 2013, and remembers a warm, welcoming community, and the hearts of the School Sisters, and is glad to go back.

She is interested this time in learning about the assembly, end user training, and efficacy of the Berkey water filtration unit, which will be the focus of this trip.
She and Deb are both grateful to their donors who have helped supply the product for this mission. Lisa is a little hesitant about her lack of Spanish--during the last visit, she struggled to manage with the limited communication; hoping that technology may assist this time.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

GoFundMe Fundraiser Results

Thanks you, Miranda, for your GoFundMe fundraiser! Miranda raised $1565.36. This money will be used to purchase Berkey purifiers through New Millennium Concepts. in Texas. You did an awesome job!!!