Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blessing of Rosaries

The fourth Corporal Works of Mercy is to visit the imprisoned. Thanks to Dick Schimmel, the Rosary Man,  the Sisters will be able to visit the imprisoned and provide rosaries to the prisoners in their local prisons. Dick was able to acquire 500 rosaries from rosary makers throughout the United States. Unlike here in the USA, rosaries can be given to the prisoners. Lisa and Deb will learn more about that ministry on their visit.

On Saturday, Father Dan blessed the 500 rosaries.

Lord God, we acknowledge your infinite glory and the abundance of your gifts. Before the foundation of the world, you appointed Christ the beginning and end of all things.
You chose the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother and companion of your Son, the image and model of your Church, the Mother and advocate of us all.

She is the new Eve, through whom you restored what the first Eve had lost. She is the daughter of Zion, who echoed in her heart the longings of the Patriarchs and the hopes of Israel.

She is the poor and lowly servant, who trusted solely in her Lord. In the fullness of time she was delivered of the Sun of justice, the dayspring from on high, Your Son, Jesus Christ. In her flesh she was his Mother, in her person, his disciple, in her love, his servant.

Father, may all who pray the rosary, know her protection and trace in their hearts the pattern of her holiness. Bless them with faith and hope, love and humility; bless them with strength in hardship and self-respect in poverty. Bless then with patience in adversity and kindheartedness in times of plenty. May they search for peace, strive for justice and realize your love, as they pursue their journey through life towards your heavenly city, where the Blessed Virgin Mary intercedes as Mother and reigns as Queen.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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