Saturday, July 15, 2017

We're All Done Assembling, Testing and Getting Everything Ready for Transporting

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ourselves and our bucket project are the only "goings on" upstairs in the sisters' house, so Deb and I got up this morning, and, still in our pajamas, started to cycle our individual system tests. We wanted to dump the water from the systems which "passed" the red food dye test overnight and use it to test the next ones.

Testing a Batch of Systems
Our wonderful helper from yesterday, Nils, reappeared, ready to work, so we just kept on going to make use of our volunteer. Finally at 1:30 pm we were called to lunch!
(Nils wanted us both in a selfie with him before he left, but I declined).

We worked our way through all 50 of the systems by late afternoon, got rid of all of the water (and didn't waste any because we were able to dump it into the cistern), and then called it quits once we had put the finishing touches on the 32 we plan to use tomorrow. We had to write in Spanish "unfiltered water" on the top bucket of the system, and "filtered water" on the bottom one. We also had to condense the travel size of the buckets, and place some written instructions and other essentials inside the bucket sets. I got the easy job, (writing legibly in Spanish) and Deb did the other tasks, (but she didn't complain--except about the taping of the lids--which is unfortunately necessary--they will be hauled in the back of a truck tomorrow and we want to keep the filters clean).

38 Systems Done - 12 More To Go

Taping Lids and Special Instructions Onto Buckets
Adding Agua Sin Filtrada and Agua Filtrada

32 Systems Ready for Families in Catacaos
The sisters eat a hearty meal at lunchtime and then have a sandwich or small meal later in the evening, so we were able to finish all of this by around 9pm and then get a bite and relax with the sisters. Off to bed, we have a big day tomorrow!


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