Friday, July 14, 2017

Giving Thanks!

Thursday, July 13

We did the easiest part of our water project by drilling the holes in the buckets and covers, Until we get the water filters from Customs in Lima, we won't be able to continue assembling these systems. We're going to drive to Piura on Friday to see if anyone at LATAM has been successful in getting our suitcases to Piura.

We went to Mass at 7pm this evening in Paita and talked with the parish priest, Padre Pedro. He told us that he visited with the people in a tent city outside of Catacaos and took the people food, clothing, and miscellaneous household goods. Due to the flooding of the Piura River in March, many people lost their homes and everything in it. Temporary housing was setup for the people in tents. Many of these people don't have anything except for the shirts on their backs. They lost their farming jobs because the fertile ground was stripped away from the earth and the farm fields need to be rebuilt. For most of these families, life has come to an end as they knew it and they are starting all over. Lisa and I are talking about how we can help them back in the USA.

We give thanks to God for everything we have been given by Him.
The Altar
Our Lady of Mercy

St. Francis and Jesus
S. Matilde, Lisa, Padre Pedro, Deb and S. Paula

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