Saturday, June 25, 2016

Monday - Day of Departure

Our last day in Peru was Monday, June 20. After Charlie and Miranda completed the water system training, we took a rented van to Catacaos to look for souvenirs. This small city is just outside of Piura. We only had about 30 minutes and it was a rush going from store to store trying to find something for our loved ones. (Feel free to click on the pictures to see all of them full-screen.) 
Catherine and Lisa in Bus

Oliva, Lindsey, Elena and Cathy occupying the back seats.

Linda...doesn't she look tired!

Cathedral in Downtown Catacaos
Emily in small shop
After we completed our shopping in Catacaos, we traveled back to Piura, to eat at Longhorns. Good food, good drink, good company...
Waiter Taking our Order
The Toast

Deep-fried Appetizer
Catherine Ordered a Cold Salmon Appetizer

Lindsey - Hamburger and Fries
Sister Matilde

Sister Monica Ordered a Traditional Dish
Lomo Saltado


Sister Paul
Baked Potato and Beef

Sweet Bread over Hickory Grill
Hmmm good!
Pasta with Pesto Sauce
Emily was the Last to Receive her Food

Leaving Longhorns

After lunch, we headed to the airport. Cathy V. had to prove ownership of a suitcase that was lost in Lima and then found again in Piura. Thank goodness we were able to recover the suitcase of donations. We were short some of our supplies needed during clinic but we'll save these for our next clinic in three years.

Good bye! (Cathy holding her claimed suitcase.)
Dr. Bob, Charlie, Miranda, Catherine, Emily and Deb left for Lima after 5pm on Monday and Linda was on a different flight and left after 8pm. The five that were left behind in Piura were going to stay in a hotel and fly to Cusco on Tuesday morning. Their destination - Machu Picchu.

Catherine and Emily - Piura Airport

Charlie and Miranda - Piura Airport

Linda and Dr. Bob - Piura Airport

Entering LATAM (LAN) Airplane for Flight to Lima
Real time Photo of Airplane on Runway
Real time photo of Airplane Taking off

Real time Photo of Airplane in Flight to Miami

Catherine and Emily
Excellent Airplane Food
(Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Flan, Beef Stew and Rice) 
Getting Ready to Land in Miami

Emily and Catherine in Miami Tram

Miami Airport

Downtown Chicago

O'Hare International
The six people that traveled  together through Miami arrived at O'Hare around 9:30am on Tuesday morning. Glad to be home!!!!

Submitted by Deb Passino

Friday, June 24, 2016

Drinking Water and Water Purification Classes

In Paita, Peru, water is obtained from the Piura River, about 35 miles from Paita. The water plant chlorinates the river water, just as Milwaukee chlorinates Lake Michigan water to provide Milwaukee County with drinking water.
Piura River Provides Water to Many Municipalities
River Water is Treated by the
Water Plant in Piura

Map of Water Plants in the State of Piura

In May, 2015, St. Paul Parish and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) installed 25 water purifiers in Paita, Peru. After one year of trialing the Berkey Purification Systems, Sister Monica asked for more systems because the people feel it's easy to use and maintain. Each system will provide 6,000 gallons of purified water for each family receiving a system.
St. Paul Parish had enough money in their budget to provide another 50 systems. Thanks to all of our donors who made this possible. Each system requires two buckets and covers, two Berkey filters, and one spigot.
Supplies Needed to Assemble a System
In our community here in Wisconsin, if we need supplies, we get in our car or truck and drive only miles down the street to pick up our supplies. The sisters do not have it that easy. First of all, they don't own a working vehicle. They own a 1984 Bronco and it hasn't worked in years because parts are unavailable. The buckets were purchased at a bucket supplier in Piura, Peru, about 38 miles from Paita. The sisters had to hire a driver and rent a vehicle large enough to transport the 100 buckets pictured below. 

100 Buckets and Covers
What do we do with 100 buckets, 100 covers and 50 water Berkey filters?  That's where Miranda S. came into the picture. Miranda, Charlie's daughter, asked if she could take over this project while in Peru. Before she left for Peru, she investigated how the system worked, how to make each system and modified the instruction that existed from the team last year. Deb P. worked with Miranda and Emily D., our two very enthusiastic and over-achieving youth, to drill holes, assemble, clean, and test each system. They also had to correct any problems they discovered. For example, several buckets had hairline cracks, those buckets were defective and had to be replaced with working buckets.

Counting the Inventory of Buckets and Covers
Miranda Drilling Holes into
 Buckets and Covers

Emily Labeling Outside Buckets

Miranda Cleaning Buckets
After Drilling Holes
Miranda Inserting Filters and
Testing Each System 

Assembling One System

After all systems were assembled, tested and working properly,  Miranda and Charlie trained 38 people on how to assemble and maintain each system. There were three training sessions on Monday, hours  before leaving for our drive to Piura to take our flight home. Charlie also trained each group on basis skills to prevent cross-contaminating food and water, washing hands, how to use chlorine and iodine to clean food and water, etc.

Forty-three systems were promised to families in some very impoverished communities. After these families receive their system and use them for a short time, a community representative will follow-up with each family. Sister Paula heads this project and works directly with the leaders in the community. For those that didn't make it to training, Sr. Paula or the leaders will train those not attending the training. There are seven systems that will be given to other families in the future.

Charlie and the First Training Session

Mother and Baby at Training

Charlie and Miranda

Thank You!

"We Appreciate These New Systems."

Muchas Gracias!

Submitted by Deb Passino