Monday, February 8, 2016

Why is St. Paul Parish doing Mission Work in Peru?

It's simple.  The people of St. Paul Parish are committed to helping the poor and those in need. In 2013, the School Sisters of St. Francis (SSSF) asked St. Paul Parish for help in Paita, Peru. Many of the people living in this area:
  • Lack electricity or plumbing in their homes
  • Live in a desert where water is very scarce
  • Drink contaminated  water
  • Can’t afford medical and dental care
Three people from St. Paul Parish wanted to personally meet the sisters. In June, 2013, they traveled to Peru to meet with them and discuss their needs. There were many needs. However, the sisters top priority...providing medical treatment in their community. 

Ask and you shall receive.

2014 Medical Mission Trip
In June, 2014, a medical team from St. Paul Parish traveled to Paita, Peru and treated over 1,000 people. The doctors identified many problems:
  • Malnourished children
  • Decayed teeth
  • Intestinal parasites due to the consumption of river water

Doctor Examining Baby

Baby Waiting to See a Physician

Nurse Catherine Taking the Temperature

Physician Assistant Charlie Explaining Drug Dosage

Pharmacy Run By Nurse Shelley

2015 Mission Trip to Peru
In May, 2015, St. Paul Parish partnered with Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and traveled to Paita, Peru. MSOE met with the municipality to check out their water treatment plant. The plant was using equipment that was over 30 years old. Twenty five families received training and were given a water purification system for their home.  The team walked to each home and made sure the water purifier was installed and that they were being used correctly. See an earlier blog for more pictures and information

Removing sludge

Testing Water Purifiers
Sister Matilde Training the Moms

Professor Doug Training the Family

2016 Medical Mission Trip
In June, 2016, another medical team will be traveling to Paita, Peru. So far, 11 people are going. There are three  medical providers,  translators, nurses and cooks. We are hoping to provide toothbrushes for all patients and provide water purifiers for those families who live in an area of the city where the water is most contaminated. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please see the first 2016 post for more information.


2nd Medical Mission Trip Being Planned for June 13 - 21, 2016

St. Paul Parish is planning their second medical mission trip to Paita, Peru. The goal of this mission team is to provide basic medical care to the families living around St. Clare School. These families are very poor and do not have access to affordable health care.
When:  Departing Chicago O’Hare on Monday, June 13 and returning to the
USA on Tuesday, June 21.
Who:  So far, we have 11 people traveling to Peru, one doctor, three  physician
assistants, several nurses and translators.
We are still seeking nurses. Do you think you would be interested in helping? Please call the St. Paul Parish office for more information. Their number is (262) 968-3865.  
“The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.         -Pope Francis