Thursday, May 10, 2018

Meet Sister Paula (English)

My name Paula Girón Parrilla, from the Franciscan religious order School Sisters of St. Francis; I am a teacher of religion, history, geography and economics at Santa Clara School in Paita, Peru.. I am in charge of the administration of a pharmacy for the dispensing of medicines and training for people from different human settlements. For this reason I studied pharmaceutical chemistry, which I am currently completing. The objective of my second career is to continue offering a better service in health, pharmaceutical accompaniment and medical campaigns offered by the parish of Saint Paul Parish, Genesee Depot, WI.

I like to work with people from different human settlements because they are people who in many cases need training in the field of health, an aspect forgotten by the authorities.

My goal is the implementation of a larger pharmacy where there can be variety of medication and preparation of them to satisfy more needs, I hope in God to achieve it with the support of good people.

Conocer a Hermana Paula (español)

Mi nombre Paula Girón Parrilla, religiosa Franciscana, soy profesora de religión y de Historia, Geografía y economía en el colegio Santa Clara.

Soy la encargada de la administración de una farmacia para la dispensación de medicamentos  y formación para la gente de diferentes asentamientos humanos. por esta razón estudié  química farmaceútica, carrerra que la estoy culminando actualmente. El objetivo de mi segunda carrera es para continuar ofreciendo un mejor servicio en salud,  acompañamiento farmaceútico y campañas medicas ofrecidas por la parroquia San Pablo USA.

Me gusta trabajar con la gente de diferentes asentamientos humanos porque es gente que necesita en muchos casos formacion en el campo de la salud, aspecto olvidado por las autoridades.
mi objetivo es la implementación de una farmacia mas grande donde pueda haber variedad de medicamento y preparación de los mismos asi satisfacer mas necesidades, espero en Dios poder lograrlo con el apoyo de las buenas personas.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


St. Paul Parish will be hosting two Peruvian Sisters from St. Clare School in Paita, Peru.  Can you provide a comfortable bed and transportation for a few days of their stay? They will be here from September 10 - 21, 2018. You don’t need to host them the entire time nor do you do not need to speak Spanish because they speak English!
Sister Monica
Sister Paula

The Sisters are Sister Monica, director of St. Clare School and Sister Paula, a new graduate in the field of pharmacy. They are both Franciscan sisters from the order of the School Sisters of St. Francis.
They will be very busy connecting with our parish and other organizations. We don’t want them to experience all work and no play! Do you have any suggestions or would like to host a fun activity? (e.g. boat ride, picnic lunch, site seeing, etc.) Please email us at if you'd like to help.

Friday, April 27, 2018


The Peru ministry called Connecting Hearts and Hands invites you to partake in the 2019 medical mission trip. This is our third medical mission. An informational meeting will be held on Sunday, May 20, 2018, in St. Paul's Family Room, after the 9am Mass.

Trip Goal: To provide basic medical care to the families living around St. Clare School in Paita, Peru.

When: Tentative dates are June 15 - 23, 2019. An additional side trip to Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca ruins, will follow the mission trip. Three days will be spent traveling around Cuzco and seeing Machu Picchu with a tentative return date of June 26th.

Who: We are seeking the skills of Spanish translators and medical professionals such as doctors, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, and people to cook and serve the medical team.

Please email us at with questions or if you're interested in attending.

The 2016 Medical Team

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Books for Peru

Every year, St. Paul School has a fundraiser for St. Clare School in Paita, Peru. It is held during their Scholastic Book Fair. The theme this year was Wild West Book Fair.

The money raised during the Scholastic Book fair was used to purchase Spanish books for the library at St. Clare School. This year, the coin drive fundraiser ran from October 2 through November 3. They were hopeful that they could raise $200.

Each week, different coins were collected in each of the classrooms.
  • Week 1 - pennies
  • Week 2 - nickels
  • Week 3 - Dimes
  • Week 4 - Quarters
  • Week 5 - Paper money (and coins)
The students were motivated to raise the most money for their class because they wanted to win one of the prize such as a casual day pass, warm, chocolate chip cookies, and for the younger children a special dress-up day. Individuals had their names posted on a boot when paper bills were donated.

Fifty children from St. Paul School donated a total of $440.96. Isn't that amazing!?!?

The  Student Council had the fun task of selecting $440 of Spanish books for St. Clare School.

Many people purchasing books for their families also purchased a book for Peru. Thanks to all who purchased books for Peru.

Muchas gracias.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Future Plans

Our committee, Connecting Hearts and Hands, and St. Paul Parish is going to be busy over the next few years.

Here's are some of our future plans for Peru.
  • Eleven families from St. Paul Family Program have signed up for the Families Praying for Families Program. Their pictures have been sent to Peru and 11 families in Peru will send a picture to our families and they will pray for one another. 
  • The children from St. Paul School will raise money to purchase books for St. Clare School during their Scholastic Book Fair held in November.
  • During Lent, St. Paul Parish, Genesee Depot, WI, will be collecting eye glasses and mobility devices. We will send them to Peru in July. The second collection during Lent will provide funds to multiple Human Concerns ministries. Peru will be one of the ministries.
  • We're hoping to connect with the Lion's Club so that we can get eyeglasses for future trips to Peru.
  •  In September, 2018, Sister Monica and another sister will be coming to Wisconsin to visit with our parish. We're talking about having her speak to our parish after the Masses and possibly have a fundraiser while she's here. Sister Monica has a 1980 Explorer. It is in terrible shape. The sisters need a new vehicle. We may possibly use some of the money from the collection to help the sisters fund a new vehicle.
  • St. Paul Parish will continue to provide water purification systems. Each system costs around $100.
  • Last but not least, we're planning another medical mission in June, 2019. More information will be provided soon about this medical mission.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you have an interest, please email Thank you for reading the blog.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We're Getting Ready to Return to the USA

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This is our last day in Paita. We met a lot of people, asked a lot of questions, and we're ready to return to our US home. We're leaving for the Piura airport at 3:30pm. We'll be eating Papa John's pizza before getting to the airport at 6:45pm. Our flight to Piura takes off at 7:45. It's a small airport and we need to arrive an hour before our flight to check-in, get through security and board the airplane flying to Lima.

We'll be home on Wednesday evening at 7:45pm. Our flight to Lima will arrive at 9:45pm this evening and we'll be spending the entire night in the airport, connecting with an American Airlines flight at 6:45am on Wednesday morning. We've got some time to think about all that we've learned this week.

Here are a few of the pictures we took today. Some of the things we did today, visited with some classrooms at St. Clare School, took a moto to the PRONOEI school where there are 4 and 5 year old students, visited a new hotel in the area (checking it out for the next team going to Peru), went to market looking for another plastic bucket for a water purification system, ate lunch and packed our suitcases.

4th Grade Students at St. Clare

Children at PRONOEI - 4 yr. old Program

Children at PRONOEI - 5 yr. old Program

Getting in Moto at PRONOEI School

New Hotel in Paita

Standing on Balcony in Hotel of City Roofs

Meet at the Market

Picture of the Sisters
Left to right S. Paula, S. Maribel, S. Monica, S. Paula and S. Matilde
Written by Deb