Monday, September 24, 2018

Adios - See you Next Year!

Sister Monica and Sister Paula left for their home in Peru on September 21. They will be missed...until next year!!

The Sisters accomplished a lot while they were here. Some of the major accomplishment during their visit:
  • Met with the Peruvian Consulate in Chicago. They were a great help to us and provided us with the necessary information so that we could get approval to travel to Peru next year.
  • Visited St. Paul School and met the new principal, Angela Gunderson, and all the teachers and students. They were able to talk with the children and tour the school.
  • Talked at the Knights of Columbus Parish Breakfast
  • Had dinner and a planning meeting with the team going to Peru in 2019. Parishioners Lisa and Roy served a delicious dinner. We were able to have a birthday celebration for Sister Monica, Lisa B. and Lisa W.
  • Celebrated a half-day of friendship, prayer and relaxation at Holy Hill.
  • Visited the Mother House; met with the international team  and met with some of the retired Sisters.
  • Made a lot of new friends such as Ruth and Steve,  the first host family, and Lou and Mary Anne, the second host family. Thanks to the host families for making such delicious meals and for transporting them to their appointments.
  • Enjoyed their last evening at the home of Deb and Brian. Deb prepared a scrumptious dinner for a group of 10. What a fun evening! 
Thanks to all who made their visit happen. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Day on Lac la Belle - September 17

What a relaxing day on Lac la Belle! Judge for yourself!

  • Thanks to their hosts Scott and Michelle!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dinner and Team Meeting - September 16

Thanks to Lisa and Roy for hosting the dinner and meeting at their beautiful home in Genesee. Seventeen people took time out of their Sunday to be at this meeting. Thank you, everyone. We met to finalize the dates of travel and other details. Here are a few pictures from that day.

Sister Paula, Sister Monica, Father Dan att St. Paul Church Prior to Meeting

Knights of Columbus Breakfast - September 16

The Knights of Columbus Volunteers
The Knights of Columbus sponsored a breakfast on Sunday and invited the two Sisters, from the order of the School Sisters of St. Francis, to the parish. A PowerPoint presentation was shown and the Sisters took time to answer questions. There was one poignant question, "how can we as parishioners help you?" Sister Monica stated that the 2019 medical mission team needs vitamins, medicines and medical supplies. 

Sister Paula

Sister Paula talked about the pharmacy that is associated with St. Clare School. She graduated from school and is a pharmacist, interning at a local hospital. She is managing this pharmacy.  She had stated that all medications left at the clinic after the mission trip is over are providing medicines to the people in the community of Paita. One parishioner immediately went to the store and bought nine bottles of vitamins. Thank you!

Sister Monica and Sister Paula

Sister Monica, Steve, Ruth, Sister Paula

Sister Monica Answering a Question

Holding the Vitamins Donated by Lucille

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Visiting St. Paul School - September 14

A PowerPoint presentation was shown to the children of St. Paul School. This presentation had pictures of St. Clare School in Paita, Peru and the community surrounding the school. Sister Monica answered the many questions the children had for them.  What a vibrant, Catholic Christian community! The Sisters really enjoyed their visit! Thank you for the opportunity to talk with the children!

The "Welcome Sisters" Bulletin Board

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Visiting Holy Hill - September 13

Another beautiful day in Wisconsin. Holy Hill is located in Hubertus, WI. It is the National Shrine of Mary, built high atop a glacial hill. Too early in the season for the Sisters to see the color changes of the trees surrounding the church. As a challenge, the Sisters walked the 178 steps to the top of the steeple. What a view! See for yourself!

Ruth, Connie, Sister Paula and Sister Monica

Sister Monica and Sister Paula

Ruth, Sister Paula, Sister Monica and Connie

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting Ready to Welcome the Sisters

In two weeks, Sister Monica and Sister Paula will be arriving in Chicago. This is Sister Paula's first visit to the USA.

We've decorated  a section of the Human Concerns bulletin board. We can't wait to see them!