Sunday, July 9, 2017

Prayers for Our Travelers

Lisa and Deb leave for Peru on Tuesday. They'll be staying overnight at a Chicago hotel Sunday night so that they can be at O'Hare International by 5:30am on Monday morning.

Please pray for our travelers. This prayer was obtained from website:  Thank you for sharing this prayer.

Dear Father,

We pray your help and blessings on the members of the mission trip.  Thank you that each person is taking time out of their busy lives to serve You by serving others.  Thank you that You have spoken to their hearts and that they are willing to venture outside of their homes, neighborhoods and comfort zones.  Keep them strong mentally, physically and spiritually.  Give them safe travels, energy and enthusiasm and an ability to be flexible when plans change.

May their arrival at their destination be a sign of Your love to those they serve.  Help the smiles and hugs and acts of friendship of the mission team members clearly communicate acceptance and comfort to those hungry for You.  May they be true ambassadors for Christ through their actions both on and off the job, both with those they serve and with their fellow team members.

We pray that this trip will be extremely successful in strengthening the faith of every team member.  Increase their trust in You as they leave their responsibilities and worries about their families and lives back home in Your watchful care.  As they see and experience different ways of life, give them new perspective on their lives and about the things that really matter most.  Give them the joy of service.  Strengthen their faith and reliance on You.  Enable them to graciously and humbly receive small gifts of great magnitude given to them by those who have little yet who are moved to give sacrificially.  May each team member strongly feel Your Holy Spirit at work in them and through them.

And so Father, we ask that you bless the mission project, the team members, those they serve and the team member’s families back home.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to actively work in a meaningful way in Your wonderful Kingdom.


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