Sunday, July 16, 2017

Giving Drink to the Thirsty

Sunday, July 16, 2017

What a day! We have been so blessed serving God's people in the tent town outside of Catacaos. This tent town has 32, very small, tent homes. Families have been moved to this location, with the help of their government, at the end of March.

We were told that the flooding occurred because of  a sudden and abnormal warming of Pacific waters of Peru. This warming had unleashed the deadliest downpours in decades, with landslides and the raging Piura River destroying everything in its way including people, cars, homes, and crops.  Here's what we saw when we first arrived. Click on a picture and you will be put into the scroll mode and see each picture in a large, screen-size format.

Street View of  Tent Village
One of the Homes

S. Monica Standing in Front of one Home
Kitchen - Located Outside of Tent

Inside of a Tent - Sleeps a Family of Four

Family in Living Room Outside of Tent

Common Meeting Area

Water For Community
After we arrived, word spread quickly that we were there. Everyone came out of their homes and greeted our group of nine;  the group included the five sisters, S. Monica, S. Matilde, S. Maribel, S. Paula, and S. Dora, two drivers, and Lisa and me.

Meeting the People Outside of Catacaos

Deb Training the Group on Using the System
S. Matilde Giving Water Purifier to Disaster Victim


S. Monica

S. Dora

S. Maribel

Beautiful Woman and her Baby
We distributed the buckets to 31 families. They were all very appreciative to receive this gift of clean water. They have some very big needs besides clean, milk, insect repellent, beds, pots and pans, extension cords, solar flashlights and much, much more. They lost everything in the flooding!! Whatever you would need, they also need.

Even though these people live in a tent, the people keep themselves very clean. They are very proud, handsome/beautiful people. Look at how happy and clean these children look.

Children of Tent Town
The government has been giving the people land so that the flood victims can make a small, prefabricated homes in these safe, flood-free area. Many people have already moved and made new homes. The people who have moved have had enough money to purchase the supplies for a small home. The people left at this tent town just don't have the money to build a home and move. They lost everything. If they owned a home, the insurance does not cover the loss of their home and everything that was in it. They don't have a dime to their names. One picture above shows the inside of their home. What you see is what they own!

Thank you, donors for your generosity. You have helped a lot of people stay healthy by giving them a gift of clean water. Each donor will receive a picture of the recipient of a water purifier. The people in this community were told that their picture will be given to their donor and that their donor will pray for them.


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