Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Busy Day Today

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We've been busy today. Earlier this morning, we visited with the children at school, while they were at recess. The earlier post, provides pictures of some of the kids.

We are getting our buckets ready for drilling tomorrow. When they were transported from Piura, the store wrapped 10 buckets at a time in plastic and heavily taped. We had to cut away the plastic tape, inventory the buckets  and separate organize the buckets so that we're ready for drilling.

100 Buckets Were Wrapped Like This
Lisa Organizing the Buekets

Thanks to Sister Maribel, we had very tasty Peruvian cuisine this afternoon. Our lunch consisted of what they call green spaghetti, (basil and spinach pesto), Papa a la Huancaina which are sliced boiled potatoes covered in a cheesy, slightly spicy yellow sauce, served with olives and a hard-boiled egg,  and chicken in a tomato sauce. Our beverage was also very traditional, Inca Cola.

Green Spaghetti, Potatoes, Papa a la Huancaina in Behind Potatoes  and Chicken

Sisters Paul and Maribel
Late this afternoon, Sister Monica, Lisa and I drove to Piura via taxi and worked with the airlines again. The roads are awful. The floods in March destroyed the roads in Piura. Here's an interesting resource about the flooding that occurred in March. Please click on this link for more information.       Flooding in Peru

We still don't have our baggage. The airlines asked us to sign some paperwork authorizing them to work with customs  and transport the suitcases to Piura. We pray that customs releases these filters to us and the we don't have to fly back to Lima to pick them up. We want an end to this soon, I'm sure you don't want to hear about it again, either. The airlines will be calling Sister Monica at 11 pm this evening to let us know if they were able to ship the filters. Please keep praying that we receive our three suitcases soon.

Deb Passino

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